Three Malaysian children have been stranded in Thailand since the border was closed in March, as their mother, a Thai national, is unable to bear the cost of quarantine and Covid-19 tests.

The three brothers, Muhamaad Adam Danel Mohd Rozi, 11, Muhammad Arash Raihan (7) and Muhammad Muhaimin Putra (3) had accompanied their mother, Sakina Museh, 38, when she went to renew her visa in Yala, southern Thailand.

Sakina said her three children had to go with her as there was no one to take care of them in Malaysia after her husband (Mohd Rozi Ab Rahman) died of cancer in September.

“As the situation was critical at that time, I was forced to take them along with me (to Thailand without valid documents) as there was no one to take care of them,” she said.

“After two days in Thailand, the Malaysian government announced the movement control order and closed the border on March 18.”

Sakina said the cost of re-entering Malaysia was rather high as it entailed undergoing a 14-day quarantine and tests to detect Covid-19.

“I hope the Malaysian and Thai governments can help us to go back to Malaysia. We are left with the clothes on our back,’’ said Sakina, who is a recipient of aid from the Selangor Zakat Centre.

She said her children had been asking her when they could return to Malaysia as they wanted to continue their schooling.

The Malaysian Consulate in Songkhla has endeavoured to help the siblings and their mother to return to Malaysia.


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