The Director General of Health Services, Dr. Asela Gunawardena says that fifty people are allowed to attend religious events held at Muslim, Catholic and Hindu places of worship.

The Director General of Health Services said that on other days, one can go individually and participate in religious activities.

Accordingly, only 50 people will be allowed to attend on the day of the special event, and the Director General of Health Services requested that such permission not be used as an opportunity to spread the virus.

Earlier, permission was granted to hold a ‘Katina pinkama’ with the participation of 50 people.

The Director General of Health Services mentioned that although halls were closed for weddings, there were complaints that weddings were held with the participation of more than 75 people, even though permission was granted for 75 people to be in an open space at a time.

The Director General of Health Services emphasized that although some hotels have a capacity of 200-300 people to be accommodated within halls, dancing and singing without masks at weddings is not recommended at all.