Nearly 70% of South Korean youths think that reunification with North Korea is necessary, a survey showed on Thursday (May 28).

According to the poll conducted by the National Youth Policy Institute, 67.8% of 3,228 elementary, middle and high school students replied that two Koreas need to reunify.

Among them, 28.8% said that reunification is necessary as it will help Korea become stronger, while 23.2% answered it will ease security concerns on the Korean Peninsula. Some 20% cited that two Koreas have the same ethnic roots.

Asked about when unification could be realized, 28% replied that they expect reunification after 20 years, followed by 23.4% who said within 10-20 years and 18.5% within 5-10 years. Some 13% of them said reunification is impossible to achieve.

The percentage of those who answered reunification is unnecessary was 19.7%.

The survey also found that 47.1% of respondents consider North Korea a country to cooperate with, followed by 21.9% who viewed it as a country to watch out for.

Nearly 75% of the surveyed students said youth exchanges between the South and the North are necessary, while 62.1% expressed their will to participate in inter-Korean youth exchange programs.


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