A 40 year old man who was tested positive for corona virus refused to attend medical care when attempted to be taken for treatment by a team of medical workers. He was discovered positive for covid19 when a swab test was conducted in the city of Tasikmalaya, West Java.

The patient became enraged when the team, wearing hazmat suits, approached to pick him up at his house in Empangsari subdistrict in the city on Friday. He became more infuriated when neighbors recorded the event on their mobile phones.

He ran after the neighbors and hugged then in an apparent attempt to infect them with the viral disease.

“What are you staring at? I will hug you all, you will soon be people under monitoring,” he said, referring to the ODP status, while chasing and hugging residents as Kompas.com reported on Friday. In the end, the medical workers managed to persuade AR to be taken to hospital and quarantined in an isolation room.


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