Nationl Movement for Consumer Right’s Protection in Sri Lanka on May 31 said in a press release that they are preparing to hold a silent protest on 10/06/2010 at 11 am in front of the Chinese embassy against the Chinese government that has spread Corona virus worldwide.

Mr. Ranjith Vithanage

The whole world has become helpless with the Corona virus. Thousands of people died, and thousands more people’s economies have collapsed while China dreams of being a world power, Mr. Ranjith Vithanage, President of Nationl Movement for Consumer Right’s Protection said in the press release.

Because of the carelessness of China, the Corona virus which originated in Wuhan, China spread throughout the world. From Wuhan, China to Sri Lanka, there are 4300 kilometres. The US has 11859 kilometres from Wuhan. But from Wuhan to Beijing, there are only 1153 kilometres. So why the virus didn’t spread to Beijing, China? That is the question they ask. The whole world now knows that China has hidden the truth about the virus from the World Health Organization, it said.

Previously, they had publicly claimed that the Corona virus spread was caused by China’s fault. Civil lawsuit called for demanding diplomatic action against China and a notice has been sent through a lawyer under section 461 to Minister of External Affairs Mr. Dinesh Gunawardena.


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