For a period of nearly three decades, Sri Lanka suffered from Tamil Eelam war and it ended when the Sri Lanka Army defeated the LTTE tiger force, led by Prabhakaran. The tamil tigers had recruited child soldiers and the said move was criticized by domestic as well as International Human Rights organisations.

The eastern coast of Sri Lanka was under the influence of Ltte and hundreds of Children from the vicinity were recruited to their forces, in order to fight for their armed troops. This young boy in the video is now popular among travelers including Sinhalese as he is catering a delicious Iced King coconut beverage in ‘Thirukkovil’, which used to be a battle field during the times of war. The sounds of machine guns have withered away and is now replaced with sounds of vehicles that frequently stop for a refreshing drink. Had the war continued till today, you would have never known whether this boy would be holding a knife to cut off king coconuts or holding a gun to defend a so called territory…. This boy’s smile signifies the peace and harmony in Sri Lanka between Sinhalese and Tamils….!


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