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Art Academia : Guide to live aesthetically | EP.1


Art Academia : Guide to live aesthetically

Art Academia involves of an individual with an eye for artistry. The key motifs of this academia involve of admiring art pieces, staring at crafted statues, painting, drawing, sketching as well as jotting down notes and doing poetry, listening to music included. Visiting art museums is also another manner of being engulfed in the aesthetic of Art Academia.

The key colors of this Academia consists of all the colors of the rainbow, dark browns, cadmium yellow as well as white. The key values of this section of a lifestyle involve of art, knowledge, curiosity, literature, architecture as well as music. 

This academia has an inclusion of the writers academia as well. Creative writing, poetry, journaling, playing music and painting are included. Creating any form of art piece is the key necessity to be part of this academia. Attending theaters and plays, analyzing films and doing photography are some attributes of this academia.

Walking through art museums and galleries and attending art classes are included. Learning about history of art, print making and ceramic drawings , knitting and pottery are all activities that relate to interacting with art.

An example of a member of art academia involves-

Wearing a yellow striped shirt with blue wide legged denim pants,  holding a paint brush dipped in fresh green paint. Drawing your paint brush through crisp white paper you decide to paint leaves. You have music playing in your headphones while you paint sitting on a vintage wooden chair. You look around to see the creamy yellow walls of your room, with messy floors. Piles of stacked paintings and colorful clothes lay throughout your color-coded room. Posters of your favorite cartoons and other art pieces such as tiny statues and toys reminding you of your childhood as well as good moments are placed across your room. You take a deep breath in and out, sinking deeper into the world of color that you live in.

Art is a subjective form of expression. You decide what creates in your life the best individualistic expression of art.