Auguste & Louis Lumiére are considered to be the pioneers of cinema. Despite Thomas Edison being credited for inventing moving pictures, the Lumiére brothers were pivotal for the making of cinema practical. Their name Lumiére translates to the English word “light”. This is a fitting name for pioneers of cinema. They first received a camera by their farthers trip to the USA. They started experimenting with the device. They improved cinematograph by making a machine that could record, develop and project moving pictures altogether. This device enabled people to watch the movie at the same time as well. They created a more compact device in comparison to Edison’s Kinetoscope. This device had a combination camera, projection device and a printer. Many historians consider Lumiére brothers screening of their first film as the trrue birth of cinema. The two brothers lived until the mid 20th century to witness stars like Marilyn Monroe and. Humphrey Bogart becoming household names.