The Bangladesh Bank (BB) board on Sunday (23) approved in principle a draft $200-million currency swap deal with Sri Lanka, which is struggling to maintain a moderate foreign exchange reserve.

The currency swap agreement would be finalized after getting a legal vetting approved by the government, reports suggested.

Under the draft currency swap proposal, the BB would provide up to $200 million in foreign currency to meet Sri Lanka’s foreign currency expenditures.

Against the fund, Sri Lankan would keep the same amount of its local currency, Rupee, with the Bangladesh Bank along with a government guarantee.

The BB would get around 1-2 percent plus LIBOR from Sri Lanka as interest.

The currency swap agreement also contains a rollover condition, allowing Sri Lanka to extend the period of repayment of the loan.

The currency swap initiative was taken after Sri Lankan prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s visit to Bangladesh to join the celebrations of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence.