UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved into an intensive-care unit after his condition deteriorated on Monday. Johnson was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for “persistent coronavirus symptoms” and was put in intensive care at about 7 p.m. in London on Monday, his spokesman said.

While 80% of COVID-19 cases are considered mild — a broad term referring to patients who do not require hospitalization — severe cases can involve pneumonia-like symptoms and respiratory failure. In an intensive-care unit, some patients are placed on a ventilator that enables them to breathe. Johnson’s spokesman said the 55-year-old prime minister is not on a ventilator and is in stable condition on Tuesday.

A study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that coronavirus patients were admitted to the ICU in 4.9% to 11.5% of the 2,449 cases analyzed. About 53% of ICU admissions from February 12 to March 16 were patients older than 65.

Here’s what research has found so far about the outcomes for patients admitted to the ICU.


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