Entrepreneur and cosmetologist Chandimal Jayasinghe has sent a letter of demand claiming Rs.200 million as damages from Pushpika de Silva for allegedly making a defamatory statement regarding him in an interview with a YouTube channel.

This letter of demand has been sent through Attorney-at-law Manjula Balasooriya urging Pushpika de Silva, the titleholder of the Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021 pageant to pay a sum of Rs.200 million as damages within 14 days. It has warned that legal action will be instituted if the money is not paid within two weeks.

The letter of demand stated that during an interview (Truth with Chamuditha) held on 28th January 2022, Pushpika de Silva had expressly stated that she can no longer trust Chandimal Jayasinghe and by innuendo held Jayasinghe to be liable for her troubling encounters during the recently concluded Mrs. World 2022 pageant and her unsuccessful attempt of wining.

Attorney-at-law Manjula Balasooriya stated that he was instructed to inform Pushpika de Silva that the above statements are utterly unfounded, false, baseless, malicious and in itself defamatory.

Balasuriya said his client was astonished, disconcerted and publicly humiliated by Pushpika’s false and unfounded allegations levelled against him. He further said false public statements made by Pushpika had caused irreparable damage to his client’s unimpeachable good will and reputation.