Creativity and tips on improving it.| E.P. 1

Fostering creativity on a daily basis is essential to improve a person’s ability to be creative. If you are a creative person you would know that inspiration strikes at the most random moments. It could be during a conversation you have with someone you know or not know, or it could be during a time in which you are taking a shower. At moments your creativity could be at an all time high and at other moments it could be as less as it can be. How many moments have you spent staring at a blank canvas trying to get inspiration but eventually giving up? To ensure that you are more creative it is essential to establish a routine for your creativity. What gets you into the mood of being creative? That is the question you must ask yourself. Sylvia Plath was known to have written in the early morning before her children woke up and John Steinbeck was known to sharpen a dozen pencils before sitting down to write. You have to find a time of day that you dedicate specifically for being creative, if not a specific time, a specific habit, such as the habit of making a tea or coffee or even the habit of taking a nature walk before sitting down to be creative. Some days you would not be as creative as the other. That does not matter, what actually matters is that you show up each day to be creative. Every person’s routine will look different but the purpose of it is to allow you the freedom to live your creative passion. The other tips shall be discussed in our future episodes. Stay tuned in!