Home Article Creativity and tips on improving it.| E.P. 2

Creativity and tips on improving it.| E.P. 2


To improve your creativity it is important to cut yourself off from distractions. Firstly make sure to have your mobile devices in airplane mode or simply get yourself into a peaceful space. Distance yourself from what is happening outside. Another important tip to ensure a free flowing creative inspiration is to find yourself taking notes of whatever that inspires you to be creative. Whenever a creative idea strikes make note of it somewhere so that you can get back to it late on when you run out of ideas. It is also advises that the act of tidying up your work space can spark creative inspiration as well. For example you can find objects during your cleaning up process that makes you have a creative idea, however a bit of messiness is said to not harm you in your creative endeavors. When there is a placement of a mess, you do find yourself making connections in between the objects present. That act in itself is said to be a sign of being abundant in creativity as well. Anyhow, cleaning up would help you more. The other tip that many creative people give, is that you must take a good nap, when you feel like you are in a creative nap. Just as sleeping beauty fell into a deep slumber, you yourself can take a nap. Of course you need not have a prince to wake you up for you to have inspiring ideas, since the cerebrospinal fluids are said to cleanse the toxins in your brain, during sleep. This ensures that when you wake up you are more open to new ideas. Therefore a nap would go a long way, in ensuring that your pursuit of inspiration to enhance your creativity is accomplished well. We will be discussing more important tips in our future episodes. Stay tuned in!