The Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) says it hopes to launch a massive series of protests on 06 October, Teachers’ Day.

Speaking to media, its General Secretary, Joseph Stalin said that the union will continue to carry out its actions despite obstacles.

The relevant large-scale protests will be held based on the 312 Divisional Education Offices, and will be centered around two demands- to resolve the teachers’ and principals’ salary anomaly issue and to set up a proper mechanism for online education for schoolchildren, he said.

Starlin further stated that the only reason for the protests to lengthen is the Ministry of Education being unable to offer a solution to the unions and not holding discussions with the relevant representatives.

“We have been on strike for 84 days now. If the Government wants to bring teachers and principals back to school, they have to find a solution to this problem.  We will carry out our protests until this problem is resolved” He added.