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Establishing open communications in the workplace.


Most organizations and people do a fairly good job of keeping the lines of communication open. If there is a necessity to have conflict resolution which is a common necessity in  life in order to bring balance and harmony into people’s life communication must be necessary. In a workplace there must be a clear line of communication from the top management to every worker as well as the commendation must be clear from every worker to the top management. All company policies must be clearly reported to all employees. This could be done through easy to read manuals or through meetings held by supervisors with their staff members for the purpose of clarification and reinforcement of the contents of such manuals provided. When any violations occur, supervisors must be encouraged to have a personal chat with the offenders of such policies. It is only fair for everyone so that such conversation takes place before the disciplinary action is instituted.  However getting messages from senior members to the staff is not a problemetic an issue. The real issue lies in getting information from workers to the top managers. If there is a supervisor there must be clear communications between such supervisor and the workers, he or she must make it more effective by gaining the confidence of the subordinates. Employees must feel safe and helpful to bring their complaints to their supervisor. All complaints could then be dealt promptly and fairly.

As Reed Markham said “Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulties rather than difficulty in every opportunity.”



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