A family from Mirpur Bathoro in Sindh’s Sujawal district welcomed a two-headed newborn, doctors confirmed on Tuesday, adding that both the mother and the child were “healthy”.

The woman — who was brought from Mirpur Bathoro town to Badin’s Aisha Moosa Charitable Hospital — gave birth to a two-headed baby here in the district capital.

Doctors who helped in the delivery process said the mother and her child were out of danger. 

The baby’s brain was split and visible in both heads, senior gynaecologist Dr Nusrat Babu Khati said, citing an ultrasound report obtained after the woman’s delivery.

Dr Khati added that the newborn’s condition was stable but more tests and treatment of the child may be conducted after the senior doctors’ advice.

Doctors at the Aisha Moosa Charitable Hospital said the baby’s heads were separated after a surgical procedure.

Moreover, further guidance would be provided to the child’s parents to help prevent severe complications in the future.