Champa Kumari Kannangara, the former manager of a State Bank branch in Kollupitiya, giving evidence before the Presidential Commission probing the Easter Attack said that Sri Lanka received over 3640mn Rupees from an unidentified person in Saudi Arabia to build the controversial Sharia University in Batticaloa, which Governor of the Eastern Province MLA Hisbullah initiated.

During the investigation, the Presidential Commission probing into the Easter Attack found  a number of Hira Foundation accounts at the state bank branch in Kollupitiya, belonging to M.L.A Hizbullah, which were suspiciously credited foreign remittances up to Rs. 313 million, at least on 15 occasions. The former manager of the Kollupitiya State Bank branch said that the money had been invested by Abdullah Al Jafari of Saudi Arabia, Siddique & Diana Osmond of the United Kingdom and Credentials Limited.

Further investigations revealed that there are two current accounts under Batticaloa Campus and one FIA ​​account at a state bank branch in Kollupitiya. The said Batticaloa Campus account has been initially opened on 14 January 2016 and power of attorney has been granted to Ahmed Hiras Hezbollah and Shayen MLA Hezbollah as Chairman.

However, the name of the company has been changed to Batiklo Campus Pvt, withdrawing MLA Hezbollah and power of attorney being transferred to Hiras Hezbollah and Hifaz Hezbollah on 04 January 2019.


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