Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith visited Katuwapitiya today (20th) while a silent protest was ongoing at the St. Sebastian’s Shrine in Katuwapitiya, Negombo.

The silent protest was conducted to oppose the cabinet committee appointed to study the reports compiled by the Presidential Commission probing the April 21st attacks.

The protest which was carried out by family members and relatives of the victims of the April 21st Attack demanded the report of the Presidential Commission which was appointed to probe the Attack must be made public with immediate effect and those who are responsible must be brought before the law.

“The Government is afraid to reveal some information. All details gathered by the Commission must be publicized as they are. None of it can be hidden or selected and made public”, His Eminence told the media.

It is not a big task to print it and distribute it. We want leaders who have a strong backbone. We will not bow down our heads without getting justice for the people who lost their lives at this church premises. We are ready to go ahead with our own methods if the Government keeps on turning a blind eye to this issue. We will go to the Catholic Church and fight for our rights.

This Presidential Commission which comprises of 5 intellectual judges gave their recommendations and decision so that the Government and the Attorney General can take action. Otherwise, are we to let people who have not even passed the Ordinary Level Exam take decisions on this?”, His Eminence questioned.


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