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How to answer common interview questions?


At a time of receiving an opportunity to be interviewed you might be feeling excited. The key to providing successful answers is to be confident and know what you are talking about.

One of the first questions that tends to be asked is;

Tell me about yourself?

The correct approach to answering this question is to mention of your academic background and your work experience. Including the mention of your strengths and accomplishments.

How does this job fit your life plan?

In this situation you must mention of what motivates you. For example you can say that you are interested in working hard, with a passion for keeping yourself occupied, and that the particular job being in your interested field will allow you to fulfill this purpose.

What is your greatest weakness?

Make sure this answer is not something that will affect the job in an extensive manner. Frame the weakness as an asset. You can say that , you tend to triple check of the copies of work that you send out which does consume time. but you have to ensure that you provide a solution for this weakness. you can say that you have learned to manage time with practice.