About 72% of spam calls in Sri Lanka are from telecommunication companies, according to the latest Sri Lankan spam report released by Truecaller, a company which tracks telephone usage worldwide. This was the case in other parts of the world as well, the Truecaller report said.
There were 66 million unknown calls and 8.5 million spam calls identified in Sri Lanka, Truecaller said.

A spam call is an unsolicited prerecorded telemarketing calls.In addition to this 4.5 million spam SMS were clocked in Sri Lanka.
There were also 20 calls sent/received per day per user in 2017 while 10 messages were sent/received per day per user this year in Sri Lanka.
The details are found in Truecaller’s annual ‘Year in Calling’ statistics that give a dive into the rise of spam calls throughout the year in different parts of the world.
The ‘Year in Calling’ report has anonymously aggregated data from the app’s most popular features showcasing how the app has saved millions of users from spammers, and even has fun facts like what countries are the most talkative and what are not. Truecaller says over 10 billion calls (up 5x compared to last year) were made using the app since the beginning of the year, and over 40 million unique spam numbers were identified by Truecaller users.

In comparison to their 2016 report, Truecaller has added its newest feature, SMS messaging. Launched in April, Truecaller’s SMS app has added an extra sense of protection from known spammers that plague phones with unnecessary advertisements, scams, or harassment.

The SMS app’s unique features filter junk SMS into a separate folder for the user to quickly switch back and forth if they want to view how many spam messages Truecaller identified. Since launch, Truecaller users have sent more than 639 million SMS, and have helped its users to identify and block more than 3 billion spam SMS.


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