Bran Castle is based on Transylvania. It looks much like it emerged straight out of the cliff it is based on. It has a picture to it that makes it look as though there is something unearthly and even ghostly attached to its history. What intrigues most people is that this medieval fortress was linked to the one infamous and notorious historical figure Count Dracula. The Romanian tourist board began calling Bran Castle as ‘Dracula’s Castle’ in the 1970’s. However now news has come in that Vlad the Impaler never set foot in the castle and the brutal 15th century ruler of Wallachia never lived here. The novel that Vlad inspired was not based on Bran Castle but Poenari Castle which is a mountaintop ruin about two hour west from this spot. Despite there being news of how the Bran Castle has nothing to do with the bloodsucking count, it certainly does look like it has been a perfect spot for a prying and legendary Count.