A suspect had been taken into custody this morning with large number of weapons and ammunition at Karandeniya, Madakumbura by the Organised Crimes Investigation Unit of the Special Task Force (STF).

The Police said that they had recovered a type JR live hand grenade, a locally made 9mm revolver, a pen gun with spare parts, 12 bore gun and an American made weapon at the suspect’s residence.

The Police had also recovered three bore bullets, one T-56 magazine, 100 live bullets (Type 7.62 x 39), three 45mm live rounds, three live rounds (Type 7.62 x 25), 31 9mm rounds and eight other unidentified live bullets.

Meanwhile, the Police had taken into custody four mobile phones and a weapon manual written both in Tamil and English with the logo of the LTTE organisation.

The suspect is identified as Donan Thumara Ranaweera alias Suchee- a 37-year-old resident of Madakumbura, Karandeniya.

The Police said the suspect would be produced before the Elpitiya Magistrate’s Court tomorrow and the Karandeniya Police are conducting further investigations.


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