The Presidential Media Unit says that a monitoring mechanism has been designed to ensure that active home quarantine is carried out to control the spread of Covi-19 pandemic.

The monitoring task is assigned to a team of field officers including Economic Development, Agricultural Research and Production Assistants, Samurdhi Development, Family Health Service Officers, Grama Niladharis, Public Health Inspectors and Police Officers.

Accordingly, those identified as infected should be quarantined for a period of 14 days and  officer on the monitoring committee will visit the quarantine homes each day of the week to monitor the process to ensure that all the occupants are in the house.

The team is also responsible for investigating complaints from any party and are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of patients and associates.

Cleanliness of quarantine homes and other sick, disabled and elderly people are to be given prominence.

If a family member becomes infected during the quarantine period, the other members will be quarantined for another 14 days.

Whenever a home quarantine is identified, the public health inspector of the area is to immediately inform the relevant Grama Niladhari.


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