The University of Moratuwa has launched special research into the diversity within the local handloom textile production industry in Sri Lanka.

The handloom textile industry is a traditional industry with a long history in our country.

This industry exists in several parts of the island with variations in the type of textile weaving in each area.

However, information about this industry and the art with regard to the textile industry is very rarely available.

The project done by Moratuwa University students seeks to bring traditional textile weaving art into one position to further understand the art.

This project is being conducted by the senior lecturers, Dr. Sumith Gopura and Dr. Ayesha Wickramasinghe in the Department of Textile and Engineering, at the University of Moratuwa.

The Research is being conducted by compiling a traditional weave of 27 yards including all kinds of handloom patterns in a single weave.