Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team – Coordination Center (CERT|CC) confirmed that a couple of websites in Sri Lanka had been defaced by a group of activists.

Chief Executive Officer of the Sri Lanka CERT|CC Lal Dias said the ultimate goal of these activists was to draw the attention of different audiences and to spread messages of hatred.

“It is important that unwarranted prominence is not given to these activists. Similar attacks have been experienced by the nation in the past, and to overcome these types of attacks Sri Lanka CERT|CC established a Task Force and a Working Group to take proactive measures,” he said.

Dias said that a website ‘defacement’ is when an attacker changes the visual appearance of the web page or website. He also emphasized that no data breach has occurred in this attempt to deface the websites.

“The Task Force team has been able to identify the defaced sites and act in a timely manner to address the situation. The incident was detected at 6.38 am and by 7.30 am the Information Security Engineers at CERT had rectified the websites” he explained.


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