One Country One Law Presidential Task Force was appointed by the President of Sri Lanka in 2021 to study the views and opinions of various factions on the implementation of the concept of ‘One Country, One Law’ in Sri Lanka and make proposals.

Accordingly Ven.Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero has expressed that “Our responsibility is to create a one nation that can get together under one flag and to formulate one law suitable for the country,”. Task force has been traveling throughout the country to obtain views and opinions of general public and the responses have been immensely successful.

It is reported that various Parties have requested the Task force to abolish unreasonable rules of Muslims such as Polygamy , Child marriages and Quazi Court system which is claimed to be practiced in an improper manner. Further issues such as unethical conversion and land matters have been raised by Hindu Community in North whilst Eastern Traditional Muslims have claimed that they are facing injustice from a muslim institute called ACJU which has issued a fatwah ruling against them which is operated since 1979. Sinhalese have raised concerns over Mahawali Authority related land issues, Environmental concerns as well as population issues.

Task force shall consider all the requests as well as their own observations to prepare a concept note for One Country One Law whilst ensuring Sri Lanka to be a Sinhala Buddhist Country which caters all the religious and ethnic groups to live with equal rights.