The Coconut Research Institute (CRI) says that only 30% of cultivators use fertilizer in their coconut estates.

The Deputy Director of Research of the CRI, Dr. Lalith Perera added that only 30% of coconut cultivators use fertilizer for coconut cultivations and the maintenance of coconut estates is at a really low level as a result, further noting that such practices also contribute to the harmful effects of climate change related disasters like the intensifying of droughts.

“The coconut scarcity we just faced was caused by the severe drought which prevailed for one year and eight months during the period through 2016 to 2017. To avoid facing this type of severe weather conditions again we should implement suitable methods to conserve the nature of our soil through planting.”

“As the CRI we have been engaged in few research projects to find solutions to these issues and with the participation of large plantation companies as well as the National Livestock Development Board, we have been holding workshops for farmers and cultivators to increase their awareness regarding the humidity conservation of the soil,” Dr. Perera explained.


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