The provision of benefits through the ‘Suraksha’ insurance scheme provided to school children across Sri Lanka has been further enhanced by the Ministry of Education.

Accordingly it was revealed that the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has already provided over Rs.7,000,000 to school children by January 7, 2018 through the Suraksha insurance scheme.

The Ministry of Education further stated that the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has received 2246 claims from students from the inception date of the Suraksha scheme.

Sri Lanka’s Education Ministry implemented a national programme introduced to provide insurance coverage to over 4.5 million school students in the country.
The ‘Suraksha’ health insurance programme was given special recognition in the Budget Proposals of 2017. This programme aims at adding value to the current free education system.

Whilst it is national policy that all students in the country are given the opportunity of free education, free healthcare insurance to all children is a segment that has received special attention.


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