Philippine Olympic Committee president Abraham “ Bambol” Tolentino Wednesday (May 20) announced national athletes who are in sports under the Olympic program, will be given a chance to get a free bicycle for their use to go to their training.

“With the new normal which mandates we find new ways to go about our daily business, national athletes who do not have a personal mode of transportation will surely benefit from this.

“Bicycling is not only a healthy way to get from one point to another, it also promotes social distancing, not to mention a means to avoid traffic,” said the congressman from Tagaytay, also president of the national sports association for cycling.

Initially, Tolentino said he will seek approval from the POC Board for 100 bicycle units.

Athletes who want to avail of the program just need to apply with the POC, which will allot the bicycles based on those who need them most and on “ first-come-first-served” basis.

“We need to be innovative so the POC is looking for ways to allow our athletes to stay fit and ready for competition once the situation allows it. Obviously bicycling, whether to commute to and from their training venues or even for leisure, is a good way for our national athletes to keep in good physical condition,” Tolentino said.


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