Local police in Blora regency, Central Java, recovered on Sunday (June 28) what appeared to be an intact, high-explosive missile on the banks of the Bengawan Solo River, following a report from a local resident.

The object, which was apparently rusted from age and covered in mud, measured 50 centimeters long and 25 cm in diameter and was equipped with four tail fins, according to the Cepu Police.

“The missile was presumably left over from the Second World War,” Cepu Police chief Adj. Comr. Agus Budiana told kompas.com on Monday. He added that it was not the first missile found near the Solo River.

He continued that the local Gegana bomb squad had been deployed to detonate the missile in a forest at a safe distance from residential areas.

“It was detonated yesterday, [several] kilometers away from the main road. It caused a big explosion,” Agus said.

“We urge people to immediately report any discoveries of such objects,” he added.

Nanang, a 43-year-old fisherman, reported the object’s discovery on Saturday after he accidentally stepped on one of its tail fins that was buried deep in the muddy riverbank.

Suspicious of what the object might be, Nanang and a friend dug it out from the mud. Upon realizing that it was a missile, the pair reported their discovery to the local subdistrict office. 


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