The Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith says that His Holiness Pope Francis has written to him expressing solidarity with his attempts to seek justice for the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks. 

He revealed this during a discussion held yesterday with Sri Lankans living in Europe, held via video conference, to brief them on the investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attacks and the actions they are expecting to take on the matter in the future. 

Cardinal Ranjith said that the Holy Father Pope Francis had written the letter, dated 19th September, in his own handwriting and in response to a letter sent by him previously. 

The Archbishop also read out the following excerpts from the letter, which he said he translated from Italian:

“Dear Brother,

Cardinal Bagnasco has handed over to me your letter of last 24th August in which you explained to me about the ugly situation and that the reality of the 21st April 2019 remain without clarity to the public. Also in the last few days a message has arrived from the nunciature in which the same facts were recounted. 

Eminence this situation makes me very sad. I promise to pray more and remain ready to do whatever you consider opportune. Tomorrow I will speak with the Secretary of State about it.

I remember how in those days you were so courageous as to prevent any vengeance by the Christians and you went with the Imam of the Islamic community to meet them so that they may witness the friendship among yourselves. I do not forget that example of a Shepard. 

Please count on me and indicate what would be best to be done from here.” 

Cardinal Ranjith said this is the letter he received from the Holy Father, who he said is aware of the situation and is very supportive of them.