Sinhala Buddhist Nationalist Leader Ven.Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara thero of Sri Lanka in a media statement today mentioned that certain islamic extremist parties of Sri Lanka are trying to take undue advantage through corona virus pandemic by requesting to bury the deaths of muslim community whilst Sri Lanka had previously taken a firm decision to Cremate the covid19 fatalities.

Ven.Thero Urged that he respects the rights of muslims but at this juncture no division among communities should be brought in country by imposing different mechanisms in treating patients depending on religion.

In addition Ven.Gnanasara thero stated that Quran or Hadheez doesn’t specify any mandatory rule to bury muslim deaths. Furthermore thero mentioned that government should take firm action to identify covid and non-covid deaths first and decide on cremating covid deaths and handing over non-covid fatalities to their families.


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