The Rajagiriya flyover will be opened on January 9, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today after inspecting the construction work being carried out on the flyover.

He said the construction of the flyover was completed a year ahead of the scheduled date because of the proper planning by the government.

“The Government is planning to construct a highway from the Kelani Bridge to Fort. This highway will be connected to Rajagiriya from the HSBC junction. There will be several new highways in the future as they are needed,” he said.

“We will do up the road network according to a plan. We have allocated funds to construct a network of highways from Kandy to Hambantota. Also, we will focus on easing traffic congestion in Colombo and the Kandy Town.

“In addition, several Light Train projects will also be implemented. We are doing all this as we are aware of the negative economic and social impact caused by the traffic congestion.

“Traffic congestion is becoming a major issue in this country. Short term, medium and long-term solutions are needed to resolve this issue.


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