Bollywood star Varun Dhawan has increased his popularity in the industry and controversially he has revealed that he had certain issues within the family for his behavioral conduct. The actor on an interview has revelaed that he was blamed to be a ‘disgrace to family and was even Slapped for Partying his life away with girls’.

Actor has confirmed that Rohit Dhawan slapped him after returning home late night. Varun Dhawan expressed his views as following in the said interview-

“It had become 2:30 am, my phone had gone off and I hadn’t informed anyone that I’m home. After one hour my brother came knocking on the door because the watchman had told my brother I had gone up over there and he was like is Varun there?” Varun recalled.

“And then he saw me coming out of the room, I had just come out of the room man because all of us were sitting in that room. And at that age, I definitely wasn’t going to get lucky with someone 10 years older than me. I didn’t have that game. So I came out, and my brother shut the door and he slapped me like super hard,”  “Rohit slapped me, I understood, I messed up, done. But he started running up the stairs. Now I’ve run behind him, screaming, ‘Bhaiya, stop stop.’ He’s run-up, rang the bell, my parents are awake!”

He further added that- “My mother was like, ‘you’re a disgrace to this family,’ my dad was like, ‘you’re this, ‘you’re that and we’re ashamed of you, you’re grounded for three months.’ And I’m like what have I done, how is it my fault that girls who are ten years older than me, call me to come to a party, which guy wouldn’t go?! Which guy? I said if I didn’t go also you would have another problem but THIS!”.


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