The Navy has received the military’s first vessel designed for training, the arms procurement agency said Wednesday (October 21), as the country pushes to enhance naval combat capabilities.

The 4,500-ton Hansando is equipped with stealth functions and a computer-based training system to allow trainees to take part in simulated combat exercises, according to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

Previously, the Navy had to use warships temporarily for the education and training of its troops.

The new vessel, delivered Tuesday, is capable of housing 120 sailors and 300 trainees with lecture rooms and labs for practice.

The vessel also has three operating rooms and a negative pressure room to handle potential virus outbreaks on board or other disaster situations, according to the agency.

“When the training ship is put into naval operations, it will elevate our Navy’s combat capabilities through the cutting-edge education and training system, and take a lead in protecting our citizens’ lives in various disaster situations,” Brig. Gen. Jeong Sam said. (Yonhap)


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