Officials from the Hatton Police station sought assistance from the estate workers of the Panmure estate in Hatton, in their effort to capture the leopard that has been roaming the Panmure estate area causing harm to several residents of the area.

Inspector A.L.M.Jamil of the Police Headquarters addressed the estate workers of the Panmure estate yesterday (7), in an attempt to seek their assistance.

Inspector Jamil pointed out that neither the Police nor Wildlife Conservation Department received aid from residents of the area in their search for the leopard.

It was also revealed that the Wildlife Department was unsuccessful in their efforts to capture the leopard as residents of the area had chased away the animal on several occasions.

Wildlife Department officials advised the general public to refrain from frequenting the area that the leopard has been spotted as an active effort has been made to keep the people safe from harm.

Officials from the Department of Wildlife Conservation stated that the efforts rendered to capture the man eating leopard that has attacked seven workers at the Panmure estate in Hatton have been unsuccessful.

A joint effort of the Department of Wildlife Conservation together with doctors from the Udawalawe veterinary hospital earlier this month, yielded no results as the traps set to capture the leopard were set off by stray dogs in the area.

Officials from the Department of Wildlife Conservation stated that the leopard may have fled away from the estate after hearing the traps being set off.

Estate workers have refrained from attending work in fear of the leopard, completely halting tea production from the Panmure estate. Further children of local school in the vicinity have also boycotted classes in fear of the man eating leopard.


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