Singer Sri Lanka, the exclusive national distributor for Huawei smartphones has successfully recorded over 1 billion worth of Huawei smartphones across Sri Lanka, consecutively during the months of November, December 2017 and January 2018. During the month of December Singer was able to achieve 1.5bn worth of Huawei Smartphone sales. The company also celebrated over Rs. 1bn sales solely for the innovative nova2i which was launched at the beginning of November 2017. Singer Sri Lanka is presently the number one smartphone marketer in the country. Within a short period Singer’s Digital Media Channels have grown and evolved to become the undisputed leader in the market. Huawei is rapidlymaking its way to the number one spotas the most preferred smartphone brand among users.

Huawei’s approach towards constantly enhancing their product portfolio and adapting to customer requirements through innovation was a key contributing factor in achieving this milestone. Singer Sri Lanka’s trusted partnership, unique sales approach, coupled with aggressive marketing strategies and brand innovation has led to this phenomenal achievement. With this successful accomplishment Huawei continues to prove its market credibility as it continues to build a strong market share in Sri Lanka.

Singer Sri Lanka PLC CEO Asoka Pieris said, “As always, Singer and Huawei have yet again achieved a phenomenal sales performance. This is a remarkable achievement and we look forward to achieving even higher sales figures in 2018 as we edge closer to gain the number one position in the smartphone market in Sri Lanka.”

Huawei leverages on their ability to incorporate leading technological breakthroughs into their devices while ensuring the overall portfolio caters to customers from all walks of life and all types of budgets; from the entry-level customer up to high end. Huawei has also grown successfully in Sri Lanka thanks to Singer Sri Lanka’s approach and partnership as Huawei’s exclusive national distributor.

Singer Sri Lanka PLC has been instrumental in achieving phenomenal sales for Huawei each year up to now. Singer has initiated extensive strategies for distribution such as the Singer Digital Media Channel which focuses on achieving the maximum level of reach for Huawei in the country whilst managing the brand efficiently in the market.

Huawei Device Sri Lanka Country Head Peter Liu also disclosed his views about Huawei’s latest achievement and said, “We thank Singer as always for their continued support and their dedicated commitment towards taking Huawei to greater heights. These sales figures recorded for three consecutive months no doubt defines the brand’s credibility among Sri Lankan consumers and we are dedicated to provide even more enhanced and innovative designs in the years ahead. Since Huawei entered the Sri Lankan market, the brand has come a long way and has achieved a name for itself as one of the leading smartphone brands which understands the consumer”.

In 2017, Huawei was ranked 83 in the Top 100 of the Latest Fortune 500 List and number 88 in Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list recently. The brand was ranked number 49 on BrandZ’s Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Recently Huawei escalated to number 25 on the Brand Finance Global 500 Most Valuable Brands 2018. Huawei has also achieved the No. 70 status on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list. According to a recent GfK report, Huawei is edging closer to become the number one smartphone brand with a strong market share over 30%.


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