A group of volunteers who traveled to a remote island near Myanmar have been trapped there for weeks after the restrictions brought on due to the Corona virus .

The group has traveled to the desolate island on March 19 with plans to stay there for a month as they cleaned and protected a vulnerable coral reef. But the group of five has been trapped there after both nearby countries, Myanmar and Thailand, went into lock down and prevented the boat that had planned to pick them up from traveling there.

A rescue had been planned on May 5, but it had to be canceled as Thailand extended its nationwide lock down. Natalie Poole, a 35-year-old British woman who was part of the volunteer group, told that it has been difficult not knowing how long they will be there before help will finally arrive.

“It’s kind of up and down, we’re a very small group of people and we’re living in a very confined, close situation,” she said. “In the back of our minds is obviously families back home and stuff, which adds to the tension a little bit. We’re just trying to take things day by day.”