A South Korean court, which has ruled that the Japanese government has to compensate former South Korean “comfort women,” said Monday that it will confirm the plaintiffs’ win unless Japan appeals within two weeks.

Last Friday, the Seoul District Court ordered Japan to give each of the plaintiffs 100 million won ($90,958) for forcing them to work at Japanese military brothels during wartime, in the first of such rulings made against the country.

Busts of women are pictured on Jan. 8, 2021, in front of the “House of Sharing,” a group home on the outskirts of Seoul for Korean women who were forced into wartime Japanese military brothels. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

As Japan has refused to be involved in any legal procedure throughout, on the grounds that the state is immune from the jurisdiction of a foreign court, the court sent a notification of the ruling via a public announcement the next day, giving Japan until Jan. 23 to file an appeal.

If Japan adheres to its stance and does not appeal, the ruling will be confirmed. The details of asset seizures are not yet known.

A ruling on a similar case was scheduled on Wednesday, but was canceled. The Seoul court said that it has determined the case needs more review, and has set the next hearing for March 24.


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