It is reported that the gold casket of King Malathisa from 1800 years ago has been recovered with evidence that the Buddha has universal relics.

During the excavations at the southern entrance of the historic Dighawapi Dagoba, the Archaeological Survey of Sri Lanka uncovered a gold armor with Brahmi inscriptions on one of the four golden caskets in the stone casket.

Namal Kodithuwakku, Director, Epigraphy and Nanoscience, Department of Archeology, read the Golden Sannasa in its Brahmi script and noted the words “Sidha Mahanakarajaha Putha Malithisa Rajaha Sovana Thube” translate to ‘Good luck! The golden casket of King Malatisa (Kanitatissa), son of King Mahanaga (Mahallaka Naga), in Sinhala.


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