During a tour they had in 1969 in America, tour manager Sam Cutler introduced the Stones as “The Greatest Rock and Roll band in the world”. This title is one that many do not deny that they deserve. They were a band that started as schoolmates in England, they went on to fuse American R & B with rock and roll and created a unique sound. The stones were led back then by the guitarist Brian Jones, but later they achieved success with the composing and song writing talent of lead singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards.  The stones had a hit with the song “Start it up” in 1981, from their album ‘Tattoo You’. The Rolling Stones are popular with songs like “I cant get No Satisfaction, Paint it Black, Jumping Jack Flash and Start it up. From 1970’s the band scored eight consecutive No.1 Albums in US, starting with Sticky Fingers(1971), Exile on Main St.(1972), Goat Head soup(1973), Its only Rock n Roll(1974), Black and blue(1980), Tattoo You(1981). Many consider that the Rolling Stones as second only to the Beatles.