Home Article Writer’s Academia: Guide to live aesthetically | EP. 2

Writer’s Academia: Guide to live aesthetically | EP. 2


Writer’s Academia: Guide to live aesthetically | EP. 2

Writer’s academia surrounds the notion of being a writer. Those who are drawn to this academia have made their key motifs to be about books, poetry, pens and notebooks, coffee and novels.

The key colours are based on black, grey and brown tones. Faded colors such as faded browns, pinks, blue ,green and gray are often associated with this academia.

The most fundamental values of this academia involve of curiosity, learning, passion for learning, writing and in the base of it all, creativity.

This is an aesthetic surrounding art of writing, be it poetry, novels or even fan fiction. This is centered around the all inclusive notion which is that writing is for everyone, no matter what their circumstances and surroundings are like. You too can be a member of the aesthetic of writer’s academia. The quality of work that you do does not inherently matter at all, all that matters is that you have a passion and desire for writing while having fun doing so.

It boils down to the concept of romanticization of writing and literature in any and all forms.

An example of a writer’s academia person-

Sitting outside staring at the trees in your garden, with the sound of birds chirping in the distance, you sit on your favorite bench and you grab your coffee while staring at pages of your new found favorite book, or online article that intrigues you. You grab a piece of paper and note down words that you can think of,  creating a page of a poem, or even a short story, which makes you feel more lively. It is only natural if you feel slightly doubtful of your writing skills, which is bound to happen to almost all writers in this academia, but you go on to write however you please since it makes you feel alive in your soul and it lights up your heart.